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I love starting “getting to know you” situations with a little game of Two Truths & A Lie… but I always win because my background is diverse and my story is unique. I absolutely love traveling and you’ll see my travel pics all over this website. I have a Masters in Biology and had imagined living my life working in the jungle or swimming with whales. Life took an unexpected turn for me and I ended up working as a High School Biology teacher. I stayed in the educational field for over 10 years, loving how I was pouring into the lives of my students and my families… but I wanted to do more. Never in a million years would I have guessed that I would be life coaching, but that’s the irony of the universe - always steering us in directions we swore we’d never go! So here I am, working with amazing women, helping them decide what it is they truly want out of life, guiding them towards authentic relationships both personally and professionally, and creating a network of beautiful women who are leveling up and taking charge of their own destiny! And I couldn’t be more humbled or grateful for this stage in my journey and for getting to know all of the amazing women I work with. 

So, just for fun… here are my Two Truths and Lie (see if you can guess which one is the lie!)

  1. I’ve gotten a free tattoo thanks to Cedric the Entertainer

  2. I’ve lived in a tent for 3 months

  3. I’ve swam with great white sharks

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I’m a single mom of an amazing boy, who loves bugs

& seeing if he can jump higher than mommy!