important note

before you book…

Amy is awesome but she’s not a psychologist, therapist, or counselor. Read below before you book to make sure you understand what it means to use a Life Coach instead of a therapist or psychologist.

So here’s the thing, Amy is a lot of things (and sometimes those things are blunt and specific, so consider this your warning). Pure Joy Life Coaching has been created to help people who need some guidance, support, and insight into their lives. People who long to be more authentic, purposeful, and who need help getting to their goals. Pure Joy Life Coaching is not run by anyone with a medical license. If you need help with medical issues, mental issues, psychological issues, etc., then Pure Joy Life Coaching is not for you. I still love you, and you can still reach your goals, but just not with me. I reserve the right to stop working with anyone who’s needs are outside of the scope of what a life coach can offer. If those are your needs, I encourage you to find a professional who is trained in the areas you need help with and I wish you the absolute best on your journey!